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What is a civil union certificate

A civil union certificate is an official record of a civil union.

What’s on a civil union certificate

A civil union certificate shows both partners’:

  • full names before civil union
  • full names at birth
  • sex
  • relationship status
  • new names or change of name
  • dates of birth and places of birth
  • occupations
  • home address at the time of civil union
  • parents’ full names

The certificate will also show:

  • the date and place of the civil union
  • the date of divorce if the civil union has been dissolved in NZ.

What you can use a civil union certificate for

You can use your civil union certificate as official evidence of your marriage.

Some places will also accept the “Copy of particulars of civil union” you received when you had the civil union.

Order a civil union certificate

How to order a civil union certificate

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