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Order a marriage certificate

Your New Zealand marriage certificate is an official record of your marriage. It costs $33 to have it posted to you. You can order your certificate online.

Order online

Use this online service to order a certificate for a marriage that happened in the last 80 years.

Order a marriage certificate online

If you’re researching family history

You might not need an official marriage certificate.

Instead, you can order a printout. A printout is a copy of the information on the marriage record. It’s not an official document.

Printouts cost $25.

You can order marriage printouts from:

Births Deaths & Marriages Online

If you need a civil union certificate

You can order a civil union certificate online, by phone, post, or in person.

How to order a civil union certificate

If you have lost your certificate

If you have lost your marriage or civil union certificate and you want to replace it, you must order a new certificate.

What it costs

$33 for an official marriage certificate.

Delivery costs

Standard certificates are folded. 

Deliver to an NZ address

  • standard post is free
  • courier $5

Deliver to an overseas address

Standard post is free.

Overseas courier costs:

  • Australia, Asia, Pacific $15
  • USA $20
  • Europe, UK $25
  • rest of the world $30.

When you’ll get it

Most people get their certificates within 2 weeks.

What’s on it

Your certificate shows:

  • your full names before your marriage
  • your dates and places of birth
  • your occupations
  • your home address when you got married
  • your parents’ full names
  • the date and place you were married
  • the date of divorce if your marriage has been dissolved in NZ.

What it’s for

You can use your marriage certificate as official evidence of your marriage.

Some places will also accept the “Copy of particulars of marriage” you received when you got married.

If you’ll use your marriage certificate overseas

You may need to:

  • get an apostille or authentication certificate for your marriage certificate, or
  • have your marriage certificate translated into another language.

Use your NZ documents overseas

Translating official documents

Other ways to order

Order by post using the paper application form

Order in person

You can order certificates in person in Auckland, Manukau, Wellington or Christchurch. You must book an appointment online.

Births, Deaths and Marriages offices

Order by phone

Most people can order a marriage certificate by phone. You can pay by credit or debit card.

Call Births, Deaths and Marriages

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