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Submit a notice of objection to someone’s wedding

If you think there are legal reasons why someone shouldn’t get married or have a civil union, you can lodge a caveat or notice of objection.

What it is

A caveat (for marriages) or a notice of objection (for civil unions) is a written document that explains the legal reasons why you think someone should not be allowed a marriage licence.

How to apply

Complete the form:

Email the form to

Or you can take it to a registry office in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch.

It costs $55 to lodge a caveat or objection.

What happens next

An objection lasts for one year unless you withdraw it.

If the couple apply for a marriage licence, the Registrar of Marriages sends the objection to the Family Court. The court decides whether the objection is valid or not.

If the court thinks the objection was not valid, they’ll cancel it. They can also tell you to pay compensation to the couple if they think the objection was unreasonable or intended to annoy or distress the couple.

How to withdraw your application

To withdraw your objection, email

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