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Sick leave

Find out when you can get sick leave from work. If you’re not eligible for sick leave, there may be other types of leave you can apply for.

Working for someone else

Find out how much sick leave you’re legally entitled to. Employment New Zealand sets out if you’re eligible.

Sick leave entitlements — Employment New Zealand

Contracting or working for yourself

If you’re self-employed, you do not earn any paid sick leave.

Contractor versus employee — Employment New Zealand

When you can take sick leave

You can take sick leave if you’re sick or you need to look after:

  • your partner
  • your dependent children
  • someone else who depends on you.

If you’ve been injured

Sick leave arrangements are different if you’ve been injured. They depend on whether your injury is:

  • covered or not by the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)
  • an accident not related to work
  • a work-related accident.

Injuries we cover — ACC

Sick leave and ACC payments — Employment New Zealand

Other types of leave for helping you

Depending on your situation, a different type of leave might be able to help you, such as:

How to take your sick leave

Let your employer know as soon as possible.

Telling your employer you want sick leave — Employment New Zealand

Employment New Zealand also explains what happens when you:

How you’ll be paid for sick leave

Find out how you’ll be paid for sick leave.

Payment for sick leave — Employment New Zealand

Employment New Zealand also sets out what happens if you’re sick on:

Proof of sickness or injury

Find out when an employer can ask for proof that you or someone you’re taking care of is sick or injured.

Proof of sickness or injury — Employment New Zealand

Questions or problems with your sick leave

Talk to your employer if you have any questions about your sick leave. Employment New Zealand has some helpful advice for arranging and preparing for such a meeting.

Talking to your employer — Employment New Zealand

You can contact your union representative or Employment New Zealand if you are having trouble understanding your employment rights.

Contact us — Employment New Zealand

Employment has a process called Early Resolution — you can use it to quickly sort out workplace issues before they become more serious.

Early Resolution — Employment New Zealand

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