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Working after 65: ACC levies and entitlements

If you work after you turn 65, you still pay ACC levies. You can claim for treatment of injuries, but if you have an accident and can't work, your entitlement to weekly compensation changes.

ACC levies

Whether you’re an employee or self-employed, you pay ACC levies while you’re working. The payments do not change when you turn 65.

Your income if you have an accident

If you have an accident that stops you from working, you can get weekly compensation from ACC and NZ Super for 2 years.

At the end of that 2 years you receive only NZ Super.

NZ Super and ACC weekly compensation

Paying KiwiSaver while you’re getting ACC payments

If you want to keep making KiwiSaver contributions while you’re getting ACC weekly compensation, you need to give ACC a completed KiwiSaver deduction form.

Kiwisaver deduction form KS2

ACC does not pay an employer contribution towards your KiwiSaver.

Making KiwiSaver contributions

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