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Bereavement leave

If someone close to you dies, and you meet the employee eligibility criteria, you may be able to take up to 3 days of annual bereavement leave.

COVID-19: Employment NZ has guidance on work-related issues. 
Leave and pay entitlements during COVID-19 response and recovery

When bereavement leave can be used

Bereavement leave is special paid leave that can be for used for a range of situations including:

  • the death of an immediate family member or a close friend
  • a miscarriage or stillbirth
  • cultural responsibilities in relation to the death ( for example, a tangi or headstone unveiling)
  • organising estate or financial issues.

Employee eligibility

The Employment NZ website provides guidance on the eligibility criteria including:

  • the employee’s relationship to the deceased
  • how long the employee has worked for the employer
  • when the payment for bereavement leave is made.

Bereavement leave — Employment NZ

Some employers offer more than 3 days leave — check your employment agreement.

What you need to do when someone dies

If you don’t meet the criteria or want extra time off

Your employer might agree to:

  • give you bereavement leave in advance
  • let you take annual leave.

If an employee can’t take the bereavement leave they want

Who to contact for help

Employers and employees can contact Employment NZ for queries about bereavement leave issues:

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