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When you get a job offer

Before you accept a job, you need to agree on your pay, hours and working conditions. You can apply for money to help pay the costs of starting a new job.

Before you accept a job offer

Take time to consider the offer before you accept it.

Dealing with job offers

If youre starting on the minimum wage, check which type applies to you — adult, starting-out and training.

Minimum wage

If youre leaving a job you already have

Get the details of the new job in writing before you hand in your notice at your current job. If something goes wrong and your new employer withdraws the offer, you could end up being out of work.

Talk to your boss before giving them your resignation letter — Careers NZ provides examples and templates. Keep the letter brief and aim to leave on good terms.

Resignation letters

If youre on a benefit

You need to tell Work and Income as soon as possible when you get a new job.

When you get the job

Your employment contract and rights

Every worker must have an employment agreement — also called a contract. It has the terms and conditions of the job.

Negotiating your employment contract

Your contract must give you at least the legal minimum rights.

Minimum rights of employees

Read your employment contract before signing it. An employer usually gives you an employment agreement to review when they offer you a job. They should also give you time to understand it and get any advice you need.

Employment agreements

Get help with your contract

Trade unions are organisations that protect the rights of workers. They may be able to help you with general information about employment contracts.

Find a trade union

The Citizens Advice Bureau gives free advice to anybody who needs it. They can help you understand your employment rights.

Citizens Advice Bureau — employment and business

Financial help when you start work

You might be able to get financial help from Work and Income when you start a new job.

Before you start work

You can apply for money to help when you start a job — for example, relocation costs and living expenses until your first pay.

Transition to Work Grant — Work and Income

If you need to move to another part of New Zealand (excluding Auckland) to take up a full-time job, you may be able to get $5,000 from Work and Income to cover your moving costs.

$5K to Work

After you start work

Get advice on ways to manage your time, learn new skills and budget your money.

In-Work Support

If you have a disability

You can get money to make changes to your workplace — for example, ramps and new computers.

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