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Financial help for people with a disability or illness

If you have a disability or illness you might be able to get an allowance, subsidy or loan to help with your expenses. Financial assistance is available for all citizens.


Modifications like hand rails or a ramp can improve safety and help you manage more easily in your home.

Home modifications

Carer Support provides reimbursement of some of the costs of using a support person to care and support a disabled person. This means their carer can take some time out for themselves.

Carer support


You may be able to get a Modification Grant if you need equipment or to adapt your work space due to a disability or illness.

Modification Grant

The Mainstream Employment Programme provides a package of subsidies, training and support to help people with significant disabilities to gain sustainable employment.

Mainstream Employment Programme


A mobility parking permit means you can use parks that are wider and closer to venues.

Mobility parking

Work and Income can help with the cost of buying or modifying a vehicle.

Car modification funding

Total Mobility subsidises door-to-door transport services by taxi and specialist transport operators for people with impairments so they can take part in their community.

Total Mobility

Grants funded by Lotto provide and modify mobility scooters, cars or vans for people with disabilities who want to be more closely involved in their communities.

Transport lottery grants

Civilian Amputee Assistance pays for the cost of getting to an Artificial Limb Centre, and can include meals and accommodation.

Civilian Amputee Assistance

If your partner gets a Residential Care Subsidy, you will get a Special Disability Allowance to help with the cost of visiting your partner.

Special Disability Allowance

Communication equipment

Grants funded by Lotto provide communication equipment, such as assistance software and smart phones, for people with disabilities who want to be more closely involved in their communities.

Communication lottery grants

If you’re a caregiver or partner

You might be able to get money to help with caring for someone at home who has a disability, illness or health problems because of old age.

Caring for someone with a health condition, injury or illness

If your partner moves into a rest home or hospital, you can get financial help to stay in your home, look after your own health and visit your partner.

Help for partners staying at home

Emergency help

The Emergency Benefit is available if you’re not eligible for other benefits or pensions and cannot support yourself or your family.

Emergency Benefit

A Special Needs Grant can help you cover essential or emergency costs that you cannot afford.

Special Needs Grant

Work and Income can advance up to 6 weeks’ benefit or pension to help pay for essential costs that crop up.

Advance Payment of Benefit

Recoverable Assistance Payment can help with urgent costs that you cannot afford.

Recoverable Assistance Payment

If you cannot pay for what you need you can apply to Work and Income for Temporary Additional Support. This is a weekly payment that can last for up to 13 weeks and you do not have to be on a benefit.

Temporary Additional Support

Work and Income

Disability Allowance is a weekly payment from Work and Income for people who have regular, ongoing costs because of a disability. You do not have to be on a benefit to qualify for the allowance.

Disability Allowance

Find out the other types of financial assistance you may qualify for, then choose if you want to apply.

Check what you might get from Work and Income

Veterans’ Affairs

Veterans’ Affairs supports NZ veterans and their families through pensions, other payments or funding for treatment, travel, rehabilitation and independence.

Support for veterans & families

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