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Job hunting

Discover jobs that would suit you, find and apply for vacancies, and prepare for interviews.

Work out which jobs you would like to do

Finding a job that matches your skills and interests can take a lot of research. Get some ideas based on your skills and subjects you’ve studied.

Get information about different jobs

Find out:

  • how you get into each job and how easy it is
  • what kind of work it involves
  • how much you could earn
  • the skills and experience you need before you apply.

The NZ Jobs Database has information about over 400 jobs, video interviews with people in the jobs and links to job vacancies.

Jobs database

The Occupation Outlook tool offers lots of information on over 100 jobs, including how much it costs to train. Visit the website or download the app to sort and compare the jobs you’re interested in.

Occupation Outlook

Search for job vacancies

Job-hunting can take time and planning.

There are many places you can search for work online.

If you’re on a benefit

You can get help through Work and Income with finding a job and starting work.

Job search - Work and Income website

If you find a job, you must let Work and Income know.

What you have to do when you’re getting a benefit

If you have a disability

The Mainstream Employment Programme provides subsidies, training and support to help people with significant disabilities to find, and train for work.

Mainstream Employment Programme

Financial help for people with a disability or illness

Applying for a job

You will probably have to provide a curriculum vitae (CV) or resume, and a cover letter. This is so an employer can see what skills, experience and interests you have, and why you want the job.

If you’re new to New Zealand you need to know what’s different about applying for a job here.

Create your CV

You can use the online CV builder tool to get tips and advice, and make sure you have included everything employers look for. You need to set up an account first, but once you have created your CV you can see it on any computer with internet access, and you can download and email it.

CV Builder

You can also use a template to help you prepare your CV and cover letters.

CVs and cover letters

Getting ready for an interview

When you go for a job interview, you want to show an employer that you’re the best person for the job.


If you do not have suitable clothes for an interview, there are organisations that can help. You apply for help through Work and Income.

When you are offered the job

When you accept a job, you must agree and sign an employment agreement or contract.

When you get a job offer

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