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If you get ACC payments and NZ Super

You can get ACC payments and NZ Super payments at the same time, but only for 2 years.

How long you can get ACC and NZ Super

If you received weekly ACC payments for an injury before you turned 65

If you’re injured before you turn 63, you’ll be eligible for weekly ACC payments until you turn 65.

If you’re injured after you turn 63, you’ll be eligible for weekly ACC payments for two years from the date your payments started.

If you’re working and get injured after you turn 65

You can get NZ Super and ACC payments for 2 years if you injure yourself after turning 65, and the injury is covered by ACC.

At the end of that 2 years you receive only NZ Super.

Contact Ministry of Social Development if you have any questions.

Freephone: 0800 552 002 (NZ only)

Partners and NZ Super

If you’ve included your partner in your NZ Super and your partner is ‘non-qualifying’ — that is they do not qualify for NZ Super themselves — any ACC weekly compensation made to either of you is counted as income and might mean that the amount of NZ Super you receive is reduced.

If there has been a death from injury

If you’re eligible for weekly ACC compensation as a surviving spouse, partner or dependant of a person who died because of an injury, your ACC payments are not affected by NZ Super eligibility.

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