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Your partner and NZ Superannuation

How much NZ Superannuation you get paid depends on whether you have a partner and your living arrangements.

When you apply for NZ Super you must let Work and Income know if you’re married, in a civil union or a de facto relationship — whether that’s with someone of the same or different sex.

This is because the amount you get is different depending on whether you’re:

  • single and living alone
  • single and sharing with others
  • in a relationship, and both of you qualify for NZ Super
  • in a relationship, but only you qualify for NZ Super.

NZ Superannuation and Veteran’s Pension rates

Living alone on NZ Superannuation or the Veteran’s Pension

If you or your partner get a pension from another country’s government, it could also affect your NZ Super.

NZ Superannuation, Veteran’s Pension and overseas pensions

When you apply

Your partner needs to fill out and sign part of your application form for NZ Super, if they’re not already getting NZ Super or another benefit. You’ll need to supply proof of their:

  • identity
  • name change(s), if any.

You’ll also need to supply details of any overseas pensions they’re getting or might be able to get.

Including your partner in your NZ Super

Visit the Work and Income website for information about including your partner in your NZ Super.

NZ Super and Veteran's Pension payment rates

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