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High Use Health Card

If you visit your doctor more than 12 times in a year, talk to your doctor about the High Use Health Card to lower the cost of the visits.

Who can get it

You can get a High Use Health Card (HUHC) if:

  • you visit your doctor more that 12 times a year
  • your visits relate to an illness or ongoing health problem that was not caused by an injury.

Applications for the HUHC are not based on income.

What you get

The HUHC reduces the cost for enrolled patients to visit their regular doctor. Prescriptions are generally not subsidised by the HUHC. The Ministry of Health page lists other potential benefits.

High Use Health Card — Ministry of Health

An HUHC lasts for 1 year.

The Community Services Card (CSC) is similar to the HUHC, but also offers lower cost doctor visits for unenrolled patients, lower prescription costs, and lower costs for dependent family members. Eligibility depends on several factors, including income.

Community Services Card — Work and Income

How you apply

The Ministry of Health (MoH) provides the High Use Health Card. Only your doctor or medical practitioner can submit a High Use Health Card application.

Talk to your doctor about applying and what to expect in the application process.

Your doctor is also responsible for renewing your HUHC or updating MoH if you no longer need it.

Paying for doctor’s visits before your HUHC is approved

If you go your doctor while you’re waiting for your card to be approved, you can claim some of the cost back from Work and Income.

Contact Work and Income to find out what you need to provide.

More information

For more information about the HUHC see the MoH website.

Contact MOH if you have questions.

Other support

If you and your family have paid for more than 20 prescriptions since 1 February, you can get a Prescription Subsidy Card to cover the cost of any more prescriptions up to 31 January the following year.

Prescription Subsidy Scheme

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