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Days in lieu (alternative holidays)

If you work on a public holiday and it’s a day you usually work, you may get a paid day off you can take later. This is usually called an alternative holiday or a day in lieu.

Information about work during COVID-19

COVID-19 and the workplace — Employment New Zealand

Find out if you get a paid day off

You may get an alternative holiday (day in lieu) when you work on a public holiday. Employment New Zealand lists when you:

If you’re on call on the public holiday

Whether you get an alternative holiday depends on your call-out arrangement. Employment New Zealand explains when you’ll get an alternative holiday for being on call.

Employees working shifts or on call

If it’s not clear you usually work that day

You need to talk to your employer and agree if it’s a day you usually work — known as an otherwise working day. Employment New Zealand explains what you and your employer must consider.

Otherwise working day

Taking your alternative holiday

You need to agree with your employer on a day to take off. Employment New Zealand explains when you can take your alternative holiday.

Alternative holidays: Taking an alternative holiday

Getting your alternative holiday paid out

You may be able to swap your alternative holiday for an extra day’s pay.

Alternative holidays — Employment New Zealand

How much pay you get

Your pay will usually be at your normal rate for your alternative holiday.

Pay for public holidays, sick and bereavement leave and alternative holidays — Employment New Zealand

If you and your employer cannot agree

If you cannot agree, your employer can choose a day for you to take off. Your employer must give you at least 14 days’ notice.

An alternative holiday does not expire — your employer cannot take your alternative holiday away.

Alternative holidays — Employment New Zealand

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