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Working over Easter

Only Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays. Easter Sunday is not a public holiday, and shops can choose to open if their local council lets them.

The following is a summary of things to check if you are employed to work over Easter or choose not to work.

The Easter days

Over the Easter period, employment and shop trading regulations vary. 

  • Good Friday is a public holiday and a restricted trading day.
  • Easter Sunday is a restricted trading day, but not a public holiday.
  • Easter Monday is a public holiday.

Check the Employment New Zealand website for detailed information about:

Check your employment agreement

Check what is in your employment agreement about:

  • whether or not you have to work on public holidays
  • which days you would normally work  these are called otherwise working days.

Employment New Zealand has information for employees on:

Good Friday and Easter Monday

Depending on your situation, see if and how you will be paid for these public holidays.

Working out public holiday entitlements — Employment New Zealand

Easter Sunday

If a shop plans to open on Easter Sunday and the employer wants an employee to work, both need to meet their obligations before Easter.

These include notifying the employee of their right to choose to not work and the employee replying to the employer in time.

Check the Employment New Zealand website for information about:

  • what employers and employees must do in the weeks before Easter
  • how employees are paid in different situations.
Working on Easter Sunday (not a public holiday) — Employment New Zealand

Unsure about your agreement?

If your agreement is unclear, first talk with your employer. The Employment New Zealand website has guidance on how to talk with your employer:

Talking to your employer

Resolve a problem

For queries about working over Easter you can contact your union representative or Employment New Zealand.

Employment New Zealand has a service called Early Resolution — you can use it to ask a query or get advice:

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