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Requirements for Samoan citizens

The requirements you need to meet to get New Zealand citizenship depend on when you arrived here.

If you came to NZ after 14 September 1982

You need to show you entered New Zealand legally and have the right to be here indefinitely. This means you have:

  • a resident permit
  • a resident visa
  • a permanent resident visa, or
  • Australian citizenship or an Australian permanent resident visa.

You do not have to meet the usual presence in New Zealand requirements to get New Zealand citizenship — you can apply even if you have lived here for less than 5 years.

If you were in NZ on 14 September 1982

You need proof you were in New Zealand on 14 September 1982.

Your proof could be:

  • your passport
  • a letter from your employer confirming you were at work
  • a letter from your school confirming you were at school, or
  • anything else that can prove you were here on that day.

If you cannot prove you were definitely here on 14 September 1982, but you know you were, contact the Citizenship Office to talk about your options.

Freephone: 0800 22 51 51 (New Zealand only)


If your situation is different

Phone 0800 22 51 51 to talk about your options.

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