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If you do not meet a requirement

In rare cases, the Minister of Internal Affairs might grant New Zealand citizenship to someone who does not meet all the requirements.

Note: It is very difficult to get New Zealand citizenship if you do not meet the normal requirements.

If you cannot meet a requirement due to exceptional circumstances:

  • you must explain this in your application
  • your application may require more manual processing and take longer to process than the standard application timeframes.

After you apply you will be allocated a case officer, who will:

  • assess your situation
  • request further information, if needed, and
  • make a recommendation to the Minister if they think you should be granted citizenship.

The final decision is up to the Minister. If the Minister does not approve your application, you will not be entitled to a refund of the application fee.

The Citizenship Office can offer general information about exceptional circumstances, but we cannot assess your situation before you apply.

Contact the Citizenship Office

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