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Paying for residential care

You’re responsible for paying for your own care. You can apply for government help if you can’t afford all or some of the cost of your care.

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What you pay for residential care

What you pay each week is written in the Admission Agreement you sign with the rest home or hospital.

Apply for a Residential Care Subsidy

The Residential Care Subsidy helps with the cost of your long-term care and is paid directly to your rest home or hospital. You’ll need to have your care needs, and then your finances, assessed.

Asset thresholds for the Residential Care Subsidy

To get the Residential Care Subsidy, your assets and income must be under certain limits.

Apply for a Residential Care Loan

A Residential Care Loan is an interest-free loan paid directly to your rest home or hospital to help cover the cost of your care. You might be able to get the loan if most of your money is tied up in your house, or you have limited assets.

Help for partners staying at home

If your partner moves into a rest home or hospital, you can get financial help to stay in your home, look after your own health and visit your partner.

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