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Get celebrant training, support and information

Celebrants can get support and information, and opportunities for professional development.

Guide to the role of celebrants in New Zealand

Review of the appointment process for independent marriage and civil union celebrants

The below report on the review of the appointment process for independent marriage and civil union celebrants summarises the review of the current operational policies and administrative processes for appointments of independent celebrants under the Marriage Act 1955 and Civil Union Act 2004.

Also available is the findings of the survey of independent celebrants, conducted in January 2020, which is referenced in the report.

Associations and training

Celebrants' Association of New Zealand (Celebrants Aotearoa)

Through Celebrants Aotearoa, you can get support and opportunities for education and professional development.

Celebrants Aotearoa

The Celebrant School – Te Wānanga Korowai Aroha

The Celebrant School offers training in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

The Celebrant School

The Celebrants Training College

The Celebrants Training College offers training throughout New Zealand.

Celebrants Training College

Celebrants’ newsletter

Ngātahi is the newsletter for marriage and civil union celebrants.

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