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Renew your celebrant registration

Once you're registered as a celebrant, you need to renew your registration each year.

Check if you're registered

You can check if you are currently registered at any time.

List of celebrants

Organisation celebrants

Your central contact must renew your registration at the end of each year.

The organisation needs to pay $30 to renew your registration as an organisation celebrant.

Independent celebrants

At the end of each year, the Registrar-General will email to ask if you want to keep being a celebrant.

The email will have a link to renew your registration online.

If you have not been emailed by November, contact Births, Deaths and Marriages.


Freephone: 0800 22 52 52 (NZ only)

Keep your details up to date

You need to keep you details up to date so the Registrar-General sends your reminder to the right email address.

Update your celebrant registration details

Make sure you have a verified RealMe identity

You need a verified RealMe identity to renew your registration online. If you do not have a verified RealMe identity, you need to get one before the Registrar-General emails you in October about renewing your registration. It may take around 2 weeks before your RealMe identity is verified.

RealMe — verify your identity

What it costs

When you renew your registration you'll need to pay the fee using a credit or debit card. It costs $60 to renew your registration as an independent celebrant. You only pay 1 fee if you want to renew your registration as both a marriage celebrant and a civil union celebrant.

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