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Military history, records and medals

Search the records and medals of New Zealanders at war and get sources for doing your own military research.

Personnel records

The NZ Defence Force archive at Trentham military camp has about 1.5 million personnel files for 420,000 people who have served in the armed forces, post World War I. A request for a record must be authorised if the person is still alive.

Accessing military service records

Historical records

Archives New Zealand holds records about New Zealand's military history.

Armed forces and war records


The Medals Office of the NZ Defence Force issues medals to former and serving New Zealand military personnel.

Medals awarded to New Zealand military personnel

History of medals in New Zealand

If you have a deceased family member you think qualified for a medal they never claimed, their closest living relative can apply for it on their behalf.

Researching NZ’s military history

War and society

Military history

War memorials, mascots and memorabilia

National Army Museum

National Museum of the Royal New Zealand Navy

Air Force Museum of New Zealand

Researching your military ancestors

General military resources

Utility links and page information

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