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Going back to work after your parental leave ends

Find information about returning to work, breaks for breastfeeding, and how to get help with childcare and other costs when you’re back in work.

Financial and employment information during COVID-19

Before returning to work

You have to give at least 21 days’ notice in writing to your employer:

  • before you return to work — even if you’re returning on your agreed start date
  • if you decide to return to work early.

The Employment New Zealand website has more information about returning to work after parental leave.

Returning to work

Working while you’re on parental leave

If your employer agrees, you can choose to perform work from time to time while on parental leave. These are called keeping in touch days and rules apply.

Keeping in touch days — Employment New Zealand

Workplace facilities and arrangements


Your employer needs to provide a place for you to breastfeed or express milk. Check your workplace policy for whether these breaks are paid or unpaid.

Breastfeeding at work — Employment NZ

Flexible working

You can ask your employer to consider changes to your work arrangements such as hours, days or place of work.

Flexible working arrangements — Employment NZ

Resolve a problem with work or a redundancy

Employment New Zealand has information on how to sort out problems with parental leave requests or losing your job through redundancy.

If you have any queries, contact Employment New Zealand.

Help with costs of having a baby

Use the SmartStart website’s financial help checker to find out what you may be eligible for from Inland Revenue and Work and Income.

Financial help checker

The Work and Income website has more information about help with the costs of having a baby, such as car seat and breast pump hire, and childcare.

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