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GST rate

You pay a 15% goods and services tax (GST) on most of your purchases in New Zealand.

What’s GST?

GST is a tax on goods and services. It’s usually charged at 15%.

Prices shown in shops and online include GST unless they say otherwise — the GST part of what you’ve paid is printed on your receipts.

What GST is — Inland Revenue

How do you work out the GST amount of a price?

  1. Multiply the purchase price by 3
  2. Divide that number by 23
Example calculation of GST

You purchase a car for $10,000 from a dealer and the price includes GST. To work out the amount of GST you paid:

  1. multiply $10,000 x 3 = 30,000
  2. divide 30,000 by 23 = $1,304.34782
  3. round this amount to the nearest cent = $1,304.35

The actual price of the car was $8,695.65 before GST.

If a price does not include GST, then the full GST-inclusive price can be found by adding 15%:

  1. $100 GST-exclusive price multiplied by 15% GST rate = $15
  2. Add $15 of GST to the $100 GST-exclusive price = $115 price including GST.

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