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Changing your tax code

If you start or stop work, remember that you may need to change the tax code you use for any other sources of income, such as NZ Superannuation, investments or another job.

When you need to change your tax code

You might need to adjust your tax code on all your sources of income so that you pay the right amount of tax if you:

  • stop working
  • change jobs
  • start a new job, or
  • start getting money from another source, such as NZ Superannuation.

You may also need to adjust the amount of tax that is taken from any income you earn from investments or interest on your savings.

How to change your tax code

To change your tax code you need to complete a Tax Code Declaration form IR330. The form provides information to help you work out the right tax code for your situation.

Follow the steps on the IR website to download, print out and complete the form. 

Hand your form into your employer or to Work and Income. They will adjust the amount of tax taken from your wages, salary or pension payments.

Complete my tax code declaration

If you’re having trouble working it out you can call Inland Revenue. Have your IRD number ready.

Freephone: 0800 227 774 from an NZ landline

Phone: +64 4 978 0738 from a cellphone

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