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NZ’s natural resources

Find out how we manage and protect our natural resources.

Land management

Information on land, including national environmental reporting, roles and responsibilities, national environmental standards, and guidance and guidelines for managing contaminated land.

Land — Ministry for the Environment

All about land use — how it can be measured and managed for healthy soil and sustainable production.

Land — Landcare Research

Learn about conservation management of New Zealand’s land, and water ecosystems such as rivers, lakes, and wetlands.

Conservation work in NZ — Department of Conservation 

Mineral resources

How New Zealand’s oil, gas, mineral and coal resources are managed.

Petroleum and minerals

Marine and coastal

Learn how NZ’s freshwater is managed and protected.


See research programmes and consultancy on oceans, coasts, estuaries and harbours.

Coasts and oceans

Take a look at the ecosystems and habitats of NZ’s marine environment, and how they’re managed.

Nautical zone and fisheries

Find out about conservation in NZ’s marine and coastal environments.

Coastal and marine management and conservation

New Zealand’s environment

All about NZs natural environment including geography, climate and animals.

Natural environment

Statistics on how resources are being used, and what is being spent on environmental protection.

Environmental statistics

Climate change

Information about the national science centre for climate.


Links to information, consultation and contacts on how climate change affects NZ.

Climate change

Flora and fauna

What native plants are growing in each part of the country.

Native plants

Our native animals — birds, fish, insects, bats and more.

Native animals

See pictures of bugs and find out what kinds do what damage.

Bug identification


Learn about land, water, plant and animal conservation, heritage protections and managing threats.

Department of Conservation

Get involved in conservation — projects, boards, funding and consultations you can be part of.

Get involved

Field trips, projects and activities for teachers.

Conservation education

Who to contact for more help

If you need more help or have questions about the information or services on this page, contact one of the following agencies.

Utility links and page information

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