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Prison life and going to prison

If you’re convicted of a crime and sentenced to a prison term, or if you’re awaiting trial or sentencing without bail, you’ll go to prison.

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    If you’re found guilty of a crime, you can be sentenced to time in prison. If you’ve already served time in custody before your trial this is counted towards the time you need to be in prison.


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    Arriving in prison

    What happens during your first few days in prison.

    Arriving in prison

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    Parole and release from prison

    You’ll be released from prison either on parole or when your sentence ends. You must be considered for parole, even if your sentence is for life imprisonment or preventive detention.

    Parole and release from prison

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    Release from prison on conditions

    What you’ll need to do if you’re released from prison on conditions.

    Release from prison on conditions

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    If you are sentenced to a community-based sentence

    You might serve a community-based sentence if you’ve been:

    • given one by a judge instead of a prison sentence
    • released from prison on parole, or
    • released from prison with special conditions.

    Community-based sentences

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