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Pay a speeding ticket, infringement fee or parking ticket

Paying fees and tickets online, what happens if you don't pay on time, and how to dispute them.

Pay your speeding ticket or infringement fee

You have to pay speeding tickets and Police infringement fees in full as a single payment.

Pay an infringement fee or ticket

Pay your parking tickets

Parking tickets are managed by your local council — you’ll need to pay parking fines directly to them.

Find your local council by region

If you do not pay on time

If you do not pay by the due date, the fee will automatically be transferred to the courts and you’ll have to pay court costs as well as the original fine — this is known as a Notice of Fine.

Pay a court fine

If you want to dispute the infringement fee or speeding ticket

You can write to or email the Police Infringement Bureau to:

  • ask for the ticket to be reconsidered
  • tell them why you think you’re not responsible for the infringement and request a court hearing
  • request a court hearing even if you admit you’re responsible for the infringement (you might have evidence to share that you think will change the penalty)
  • ask for a copy of a traffic camera photo.

How to dispute an infringement fee or speeding ticket

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