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Renewing your student visa

Most students must renew their student visas each year. You can do this yourself online or, with some education providers, on campus.

Find out how COVID-19 affects student visa holders and their education providers.

Student visa and COVID-19 information — Immigration NZ

Before you apply

You’ll need to show evidence:

  • of how you did on the course — your academic performance
  • of the progress you made, and
  • that you attended enough classes.

Your education provider gives you this information.

Note: Your visa may not be renewed if you have not passed your course, although that depends on why you failed and if you might fail again.

Renewing your visa online

If you cannot renew your visa with your education provider, you can apply online. You usually find out within a month whether or not Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has approved your application.

Fees, decision times and where to apply

Apply for a visa

Renewing your visa on campus

Some education providers can help with renewing your visa. You supply all your documents to them and then they finalise your visa with INZ. This usually takes less than a week if everything is in order.

Provider Direct — education providers registered to process applications

Student visas you do not need to renew

A Pathway Student Visa gives you up to 5 years of study on 3 different courses one after another. If you meet all the requirements of the course you’re studying, you do not need to renew your visa.

Visa factsheet: Pathway student visa

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