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Dog problems and complaints

If you're having problems with a dog, you can speak to the dog's owner. Otherwise you can speak to your local council.

Animal welfare

If you think a dog is being abused or neglected by its owner, report it to the SPCA.

Report animal cruelty to the SPCA

Problem dogs

If your neighbour’s dog is aggressive or displaying worrying behaviour — for example, barking at people — you can try talking to your neighbour. If this does not work, you can complain to your local council.

Under the Dog Control Act, the council’s dog control officer can:

  • give the dog owner advice and information
  • give the dog owner a warning or fine
  • issue a barking abatement notice
  • take the dog, if there are concerns for people’s safety and/or the welfare of the dog.

Council animal control units

Who to contact for more help

If you need more help or have questions about the information or services on this page, contact the following agency.

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