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Paying for doctor's visits

Doctors set their own fees. Children and some people who need to visit their doctor often can get free or subsidised visits.

COVID-19 diagnosis, testing and treatment is free. This is irrespective of citizenship, visa status, nationality or medical insurance coverage.

COVID-19 questions and answers

Services for children

Many services for children under 14 are free.

Free health services for children

If you visit the doctor often

If you visit your doctor more than 12 times a year, your doctor can apply to the Ministry of Health for a High Use Health Card (HUHC) for you. This may reduce the cost of your future visits. 

High Use Health Card

A Community Services Card can help you and your family with cheaper healthcare costs. You may pay less for some health services by simply showing your card.

Community Services Card

Doctor’s fees

Doctors’ practices and medical centres are privately owned and set their own fees so check with them to see what their costs are.

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