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Prescription charges

You pay $5 for each new prescription item.

You pay a small contribution to the cost of the medicines prescribed by your doctor — currently this is $5 for most items. If your medicine is not fully subsidised, you might have to pay more.

Schedule of medicines subsidised by government

Note: There is no $5 prescription charge for children under 14.

Free health checks for children under 14

Prescription subsidy scheme

Once your or your family have collected 20 new prescription items in a year (starting from 1 February), you will not have to pay for any new prescriptions until 1 February the following year.

Prescription subsidy scheme

Green Prescriptions

If you’re struggling to manage everyday chores, a plan to increase your physical activity may be just what you need. Talk to your doctor or nurse about a Green Prescription, which is a plan to help you be more active and have a healthier diet.

The prescription comes from your doctor or nurse and involves getting advice about increasing activity and managing your diet to improve your health in general. It does not replace taking medications.

You’ll get help working out a programme that suits you from a trained support person and ongoing support if you need it.

Green Prescriptions

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