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Register for the Māori electoral roll

If you’re of Māori descent, you can choose to be on the Māori Electoral Roll or the General Electoral Roll when you vote in general elections.

Who can choose to be on the Māori roll

Only New Zealand Māori and the descendants of NZ Māori can register for the Māori roll.

If you’re whāngai or you’re an adopted child in an NZ Māori family, you can only register for the Māori roll if you’re Māori yourself.

Registering for the Māori roll

Voters of Māori descent who are enrolling for the first time can decide if they want to be on the Māori or the general roll. 

Enrol or check your enrolment details online

If you change your mind once you’ve chosen either roll, you can change rolls during the next Māori Electoral Option.

What is the Māori Electoral Option?

Support to enrol

You can receive support to enrol or assist someone else to enrol and vote.

Enrol and vote if you have a disability

How the Māori roll works

The electoral roll you choose determines which electorate (voting area) you vote in.

View map of general and Māori electorates

On the Māori roll, you'll vote for:

  • a political party (the political parties are the same on both rolls)
  • a candidate in your Māori electorate (instead of your general electorate).

More info

To find out more about what choices you have and what your choice between the Māori roll or General roll means for you see:

General roll or Māori roll

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