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Register for the Māori electoral roll

If you’re of Māori descent, you can choose to be on the Māori electoral roll or the general electoral roll when you vote in general elections.

Register for the Māori roll

When you enrol for the first time, you can decide if you want to be on the Māori roll or the general roll.

You can enrol to vote anytime on either roll and you can also enrol on election day.

Enrol or check your enrolment details online — Electoral Commission

How to vote

Once you’re enrolled, find out when, where and how you can vote.

Vote in an election

Change rolls

If you’re already enrolled, you can change which roll you’re on — there are some rules for when you can change rolls.

When can you choose rolls? — Electoral Commission

How the Māori roll works

The electoral roll you choose determines which electorate (voting area) you vote in.

View a map of general and Māori electorates — Electoral Commission

On the Māori roll, you’ll vote for:

  • a political party — the political parties are the same on both rolls
  • a candidate in your Māori electorate — instead of your general electorate.

What does your choice mean for you?

Find out what your choice between the Māori roll or general roll means for you.

What does your choice mean for you? — Electoral Commission

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