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Enrol to vote

You can vote in NZ elections if you’re eligible and you’ve added your name to an electoral roll.

Who can enrol to vote

If you’re eligible, you must enrol by adding your name to an electoral roll. The Electoral Commission website explains:

When to enrol

You can enrol at any time, including on the day of a general election.

If you’re overseas — there are some differences in the process

Check your eligibility, which electorate to use, the date you need to enrol by and how to enrol. These are all a little different when you’re overseas.

Enrol from overseas — Electoral Commission

How to enrol or check your details

Depending on your eligibility and the choice you make, you can enrol for either the general roll or the Māori roll.

Online is the quickest way to enrol or update your details

You can enrol to vote or update your enrolment details online.

Enrol or update your details online — Electoral Commission

When you cannot enrol or update online

If you cannot go online, there are other ways you can enrol or update your details.

Other ways to enrol — Electoral Commission

If you need help to enrol or update your details

Support is available to help you enrol. You can also assist someone else to enrol if they need help.

Need help to enrol — Electoral Commission

Enrolment packs — letters to update your details 

The Electoral Commission will send you a letter by post to check they have your correct details.

If you did not get this letter, check your details online or contact the Electoral Commission.

Contact our Enrolment team — Electoral Commission

More information about enrolment packs

Did you get your enrolment pack? — Electoral Commission

Vote in an election

Now that you’re enrolled, see:

  • how to vote
  • the types of elections you can vote in.

Vote in an election

More information about voting

The Electoral Commission website has:

  • information about democracy in NZ
  • guidance for political parties and candidates
  • statistics and historical information. — Electoral Commission

Who to contact for more help

If you need more help or have questions about the information or services on this page, contact the following agency.

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