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Complain to the Ombudsman

If you cannot solve a problem with a government agency, you can complain to the Ombudsman.

Complaining to the Ombudsman

Before making a complaint you should try to resolve it with the agency first.

The Ombudsman can investigate complaints about:

  • central government agencies eg Inland Revenue
  • local government agencies eg councils
  • Crown entities eg district health boards, NZTA
  • tertiary education institutions eg wānanga, universities
  • school boards of trustees
  • state owned enterprises eg KiwiRail, NZ Post.

Make a complaint online

You can also:

If you’re making a complaint by email, fax or letter, include:

  • your personal details, including your postal address
  • information about your complaint, including the steps you’ve taken to resolve your complaint and the outcome you want
  • copies of relevant correspondence.

The Ombudsman may refuse to investigate your complaint if:

  • there’s another way you can get your complaint solved eg complaints about Police go to the Police Complaints Authority
  • your complaint is more than 12 months old
  • your complaint is trivial
  • you do not have enough personal interest in the complaint.

If the Ombudsman decides not to investigate your complaint you’ll receive an explanation for that decision.

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