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Help for children with behaviour problems

Programmes for schools, teachers and parents to help children with behaviour and learning problems.

Support available

You may be able to get support for:

  • children who have behavioural difficulties
  • schools to manage crisis situations related to behaviour
  • teachers and parents to promote positive behaviour in children.

Behaviour services and support

Behaviour crisis response service

Support for schools to manage challenging student behaviour

Intensive wraparound service

Intensive support for children with highly complex learning and behaviour challenges, including intellectual impairment.

Intensive wraparound service

Resource teachers

Resource Teachers: Learning and Behaviour is a national service that can:

  • help with special teaching strategies
  • introduce class or school-wide programmes
  • work directly with a child or small groups of children who need special help including learning support.

Resource Teachers: Learning and Behaviour service

Help from non-government organisations

There are a number of organisations that provide information and support for families of children with learning support needs.

Groups that can support you

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