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Help for children with learning support needs

Funding, services and support available to help children with disabilities and learning support needs go to mainstream schools.

Early intervention – help for children before they start school

Early Intervention Service helps children under 6 who have a:

  • developmental delay
  • learning delay
  • disability
  • behaviour difficulty
  • communication difficulty.

Early Intervention Service

Support, funding and services for school-age children

Individual education plan

An individual education plan (IEP) is a plan put together by parents, whānau and the child involved. It shows:

  • resources and assistive technology the child will need

  • who will be working with the child at school

  • how parents and whānau can support learning at home

  • ways to check the child’s progress.

Individual education plans (IEP)

Get extra support in the classroom

Children with very special learning support needs can be supported to join in and learn at school, with:

  • extra teacher time
  • help from specialists
  • funding for special items like Braille machine paper or special pens.

Ongoing resourcing scheme

Find out how to apply for funding to provide your child with a teacher’s aide who will work with them in the classroom to help them learn.

School high health needs fund

Help with special equipment

Apply for funding for equipment to help your child learn. This could include:

  • special computers
  • vision equipment
  • special seats or tables
  • hearing devices.

Get funding for special equipment

Support for children who are blind or have low vision

Support for children who are deaf or hearing impaired

Help from therapists

Physiotherapists and occupational therapists to work with physically disabled children at school.

Physical disability service 

Speech therapists and support staff to work with children who have difficulties with talking, listening and understanding language.

Communication service

School property modifications

Schools can apply for funding to change school property to make things easier for disabled children, for example widening doors for wheelchair access.

School property modifications

Help getting to and from school

Support for children who need assistance to get to and from the nearest school able to meet their needs.

School transport assistance

Teacher’s aide support

Apply for funding to provide your child with a teacher’s aide who will work with them in the classroom to help them learn.

School High Health Needs Fund

If your child is sick for a long period of time, a teacher may be able to visit them in hospital or at home.

Regional health schools 

Help from non-government organisations

Organisations that provide information and support for families of children with learning support needs.

Groups that can support you

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