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When you arrive in Australia

If you plan to work and live in Australia, there are things you’ll need to sort out as soon as you arrive, like your tax, healthcare and driver licence.

Travel restrictions during COVID-19

Check the official COVID-19 website about travel restrictions.

International travel — COVID-19 website

Apply for a tax number

You need to get a Tax File Number (TFN) as soon as you get to Australia so you can receive an income.

Apply online for a tax file number

Apply for health cover

If you’re an NZ citizen, you qualify for enrolment in the Medicare programme, which gives you access to Australian healthcare, including cheaper doctor’s visits and medicines.

How to enrol in Medicare if you’re a New Zealand citizen

Check the driver licence regulations

Your NZ licence is valid for 3 months in Australia. After 3 months, you need to obtain a driver licence. Each Australian state has its own driving and licensing laws, so the process depends on where you live.

Driver licensing authorities in Australia

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