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Tenants, landlords and flatmates have different rights and responsibilities when renting a home or boarding house room.

Renting during COVID-19

Tenancy Services has answers to questions that landlords and tenants might have during COVID-19.

Information for landlords, tenants and flatmates

Find out everything you need to know — from rights and responsibilities to bonds and bills.

Tenancy Services

Starting a tenancy

Find out about the rights and responsibilities of tenants, landlords or flatmates and what can and can’t be included in tenancy agreements.

Tenancy Services — Starting a tenancy

Rent, bonds and bills

Find out about rental prices in your area, rent, bond and other expenses that landlords and tenants need to pay, such as water charges. There are some fees landlords cannot charge for such as letting fees and key money.

Tenancy Services — Rent, bond and bills

Healthy home standards

The healthy homes standards are specific and minimum legal standards for heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture and drainage, and draught stopping in rental properties.

They became law on 1 July 2019 and must be fully implemented by 1 July 2024.

Tenancy Services — Healthy homes

Maintenance and inspections

Both tenants and landlords have responsibilities for keeping the property in a reasonable state of repair.

Find out about issues including:

  • mould and dampness
  • heating, insulation and ventiliaton
  • locks, security and access
  • pests and infestations
  • noise control, laws and bylaws.

Tenancy Services — Maintenance and inspections

Ending a tenancy

Both landlords and tenants have responsibilities when ending or changing tenancy. Find out about giving notice and changes in landlords or tenants, including subletting.

Tenancy Services — Ending a tenancy


When a tenant or landlord breaches the Residential Tenancies Act 1986, it’s important to understand how it can be resolved. The Tenancy Tribunal can help you if you have an issue with a tenant or landlord that you can’t solve yourself. Find out about the dispute process and types of mediation and resolution. 

Tenancy Services — Disputes

Tenancy Service does not deal with issues between flatmates.

Find other support

Forms and resources

Search through a wide range of resources — online tools, templates, forms, agreements, fact sheets and videos.

Resources include:

  • bond lodgement or refund forms
  • types of rental agreements
  • notice templates
  • application or complaint tools.

Tenancy Services — Forms and resources

Renting and having a baby

Find out about your rights and obligations if you are renting and going to have a baby.

While you’re pregnant — If you’re renting

Find other support

For support or advice outside what Tenancy Services provides, contact these organisations.

Find out your rights or make a complaint.

Citizens Advice Bureau 

Free legal help for eligible people.

Find a Community Law Centre 

Settle disputes outside of court, for example between flatmates.

Disputes Tribunal of New Zealand


If you need more information or have a question, contact:

Tenancy Services — Contact us

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