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Paying back your student loan

Repayments on your student loan depend on how much you earn and whether you’re based in New Zealand or living overseas.

Who your student loan is with

You apply for a student loan through StudyLink. Shortly after approving it and sending the amounts to you and your education provider, StudyLink transfers the day-to-day management of your student loan to Inland Revenue (IR).

What happens to your loan — StudyLink

Check your student loan amount

To check your student loan balance, log into your myIR account or contact IR.

When to make repayments

If you’re based in New Zealand

You must start or continue repaying your student loan to IR and earning over a certain amount.

How much you pay depends on whether you earn a salary or wages, or you’re self-employed or earn other types of income. 

Check the IR website for information about repayments and deduction rates or exemptions, and what tax codes to use.

If you’re based overseas

The length of time you are out of NZ for can affect how much interest is applied to your student loan and when repayments are due.

Before you go overseas, check the IR website about:

  • minimum repayments on your loan for the country you’re going to 
  • payment amounts and due dates for payment
  • applying for a temporary repayment suspension.

Living overseas with a student loan — IR

Moving overseas or returning to New Zealand — IR

Difficulty repaying your student loan

Find out your options if you’re having trouble repaying your student loan and what happens if you miss a payment.

I am having difficulty repaying my student loan — IR

Questions or problems with your student loan

If you have questions about your student loan, check the IR website for more information about when to contact IR or StudyLink.

Who to contact about my student loan — IR

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