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Money to help when you’re studying

If you’re studying, you can apply for a loan and allowance to help with course fees, course-related costs and living expenses. You may also be able to get help during your study break.


If you’re a new student, you might be able to get fees-free study


Get a Student Loan

A Student Loan can help to finance your study but you have to pay it back.

If you qualify for fees-free, you may not need a Student Loan for your course fees. You’ll still need to apply for a Student Loan if you want course-related costs or living costs.

If you’re studying full-time you can get:

  • compulsory course fees
  • course-related costs
  • living costs.

Student Loan

If you’re studying part-time, you might only get a loan for compulsory course fees.

Studying part-time

Get a Student Allowance to help with living expenses

A Student Allowance is a weekly payment that you do not have to pay back.

Student Allowance

Get support during a break in your study

If you have a study break of more than 3 weeks and you cannot find a job, you can apply for a weekly payment to help with your living costs.

Jobseeker support student hardship

Extra help with accommodation, childcare and health and disabilities

Find out if you can get help with other costs while you study.

Other financial help for students

If you’re on a benefit

If you’re getting a benefit, or you’ve applied for one, you may be able to get help with study costs.

Studying while on a benefit

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