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Social Wellbeing Agency (SWA)

The Social Wellbeing Agency is a Departmental Agency hosted by Te Kawa Mataaho. The agency works across the social system, looking at issues that New Zealanders face which do not fit neatly into the work of a single agency.

Improving social wellbeing enables people, whānau and communities to live the lives they aspire to, including both material conditions and quality of life.

The approach to improving social wellbeing is based on six principles.

  1. They take a strengths based approach that focuses on people not just as individuals, but as members of broader family, whānau, iwi, communities, and regions.
  2. They use a broad and inclusive set of measures of wellbeing.
  3. They provide a range of support services for all New Zealanders.
  4. They are clear about the outcomes we are seeking to achieve.
  5. They use a wide range of data ranging from administrative data, lived experiences, and survey data.
  6. They focus on how to make the best choices among possible interventions.


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