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Game Animal Council

The New Zealand Game Animal Council (GAC) is a statutory body established under the Game Animal Council Act 2013 to represent the interests of the hunting sector and improve the management of game animals (deer, tahr, chamois and wild pigs) while contributing to positive conservation outcomes.


  • Provide well-considered advice and recommendations to the Minister of Conservation on matters relating to game animals and hunting.
  • Develop positive relationships between the Game Animal Council and stakeholders through effective liaison, advice and communication.
  • Enhance the quality of game animal herds while maintaining or enhancing conservation outcomes.
  • Raise awareness of the views of the hunting sector.
  • Promote hunter safety and education.
  • Improve the acceptance of hunting as a safe and legitimate activity, and game animals as valued introduced species.
  • Promote standards for hunting and management of game animals.

Key functions

  • Advising and making recommendations to the Minister of Conservation on hunting issues.
  • Providing information and education to the sector.
  • Promoting safety initiatives.
  • Raising awareness of the views of the sector.
  • Conducting game animal research.
  • Undertaking management functions for designated herds of special interest.



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