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  • Citizenship ceremonies

    Found in Passports, citizenship and identity / New Zealand citizenship / How to apply for NZ citizenship / Citizenship ceremonies

    You are not a citizen until you have made your oath or affirmation at a citizenship ceremony.

  • Charities Services

    Found in Government A-Z / Charities Services

    They: register and monitor charities publish regularly updated information about the activities, finances and people involved in registered charities provide data about the charities sector for the public, researchers and policy makers offer educational support, advice and materials investigate serious wrongdoing and other serious breaches.

  • New Zealand Police

    Found in Government A-Z / New Zealand Police

    They: maintain law and order detect and apprehend offenders work to prevent crime before it happens build safer communities.

  • Rotorua Lakes Council

    Found in Government A-Z / Rotorua Lakes Council

    Their services include: local roads and footpaths water sewerage system rubbish, recycling and landfills parks and sportsfields recreation centres, libraries and pools dog registration Civil defence social housing.

  • New Zealand Geographic Board

    Found in Government A-Z / New Zealand Geographic Board

    Their role is to: give places official names approve place names that already exist unofficially change place names (eg correct spelling) remove place names review names for Crown protected areas (eg national parks).

  • Tupu Tonu — Ngāpuhi Investment Fund

    Found in Government A-Z / Tupu Tonu — Ngāpuhi Investment Fund

    The Ngāpuhi Investment Fund Limited, with Tupu Tonu as its trading name, was established by the Crown in December 2020 as part of Crown efforts to: restore its relationship with ngā hapū o Ngāpuhi help ngā hapū meet their economic aspirations for the future.

  • Ministry for Pacific Peoples

    Found in Government A-Z / Ministry for Pacific Peoples

    They: provide policy advice on key issues for Pacific peoples. help Pacific communities and government agencies communicate.

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