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  • Get celebrant training, support and information

    Found in Government A-Z / Births, Deaths and Marriages / Information for marriage celebrants / Get celebrant training, support and information

    Celebrants can get support and information, and opportunities for professional development.

  • While you’re pregnant

    Found in Family and whānau / Having a baby / While you’re pregnant

    Choose a midwife and find out about who can get maternity care, paid parental leave, antenatal classes, health tests and parenting support.

  • What is a credit record

    Found in Consumer rights and complaints / Debt and credit records / What is a credit record

    Find out what is on a credit record, who can access your credit record, and your rights to change information on it.

  • Family violence leave

    Found in Work / Family violence leave

    If you, or a child in your care, are affected by domestic and family violence, you can ask your employer for paid family violence leave and flexible working arrangements.

  • Privacy notice for

    Found in Using this website / Privacy notice for

    This notice explains how and when collects personal information, what we do with it and your right to see or change it.

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission

    Found in Government A-Z / Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission

    Under the Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission Act 2020, the Commission’s key functions are to: assess and report publicly on: the mental health and wellbeing of people in NZ factors that affect people’s mental health and wellbeing the effectiveness, efficiency, and adequacy of approaches to mental health and wellbeing make recommendations to improve the approaches to…

  • Tupu Tonu — Ngāpuhi Investment Fund

    Found in Government A-Z / Tupu Tonu — Ngāpuhi Investment Fund

    The Ngāpuhi Investment Fund Limited, with Tupu Tonu as its trading name, was established by the Crown in December 2020 as part of Crown efforts to: restore its relationship with ngā hapū o Ngāpuhi help ngā hapū meet their economic aspirations for the future.

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