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Maritime New Zealand

Nō te rere moana Aotearoa

They're responsible for:

  • developing and monitoring maritime safety rules and marine protection rules
  • certifying seafarers and registering ships
  • conducting safety inspections of all NZ and foreign-flagged ships calling at NZ ports
  • investigating and analysing maritime accidents and accident trends
  • promoting safe recreational boating on NZ’s seas, rivers and lakes
  • educating the maritime community about best practice in safety and environmental standards
  • ensuring that relevant port facilities and New Zealand ships meet the requirements of the Maritime Security Act 2004 and various international rules
  • providing and operating lighthouses and other aids to navigation for ships on the NZ coast
  • providing a coastal maritime safety and distress radio service
  • managing the Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand search and rescue response service
  • responding to distress calls and beacon activations
  • providing a Marine Pollution Response Service, with a dedicated team of trained oil spill response experts
  • maintaining the NZ Marine Oil Spill Response Strategy and National Contingency Plan
  • minimising the effects of pollution from ships offshore oil and gas platforms
  • coordinating responses to major marine pollution spills
  • administering the NZ Oil Pollution Fund.




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