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How much sick leave you get

Most people can get at least 5 days’ sick leave a year.

COVID-19: Employment NZ has guidance on work-related issues. 
Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the workplace

Working regular hours

After you’ve been in your job for 6 months, you’re legally entitled to at least 5 days’ sick leave a year. Your employer might offer more — check your employment agreement.

Before you’ve been in your job for 6 months

Your employer can agree to let you take sick leave in advance or leave without pay.

Taking unpaid leave

Casual work and fixed-term contracts

If you’re a casual employee, or have had fixed-term contracts with the same employer but the contracts were not one after the other, you’re entitled to sick leave after 6 months if you’ve worked at least:

  • 10 hours per week on average, and
  • no less than 1 hour every week or 40 hours every month.

Sick leave entitlements

Contracting or working for yourself

If you’re self-employed, you do not earn any paid sick leave.

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