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Running an online business

If you’ve set up a website for your business and you’re selling things using the site, you still need to follow consumer laws.

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Information on your website

When you’re selling on your own website you should include:

  • the contact details for the business
  • any extra costs — for example, delivery costs
  • secure online payment details
  • your return policies
  • how to complain
  • the currency people use to pay you
  • any restrictions that may apply
  • your privacy policy.

Getting an online presence

Buying and selling online

Protecting your data and information you collect

You’ll probably collect data, and information about your customers and employees in the course of running your online business.

Protecting business data

Protecting customer employee information

You could put your business at risk or damage your reputation if you do not take steps to protect your information.

Cyber security for businesses and individuals

Paying tax

If you sell goods online, your tax obligations are the same as for buying and selling goods in a shop.

Starting a business

If you’re on a benefit

You need to declare income from your online business to Work and Income.

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