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Your last pay if you’re fired

If you’re fired from a job, check that your final pay is taxed correctly. If it’s not, you could get a bill from Inland Revenue at the end of the tax year.

COVID-19 financial support

If your income has been affected by COVID-19 you may be able to apply for financial support.

Financial support — Unite against COVID-19

What’s in your final pay

The process of leaving a job because you’ve been fired is generally the same as when you decide to leave a job. What you’re eligible for in your final pay and how it’s calculated depends on such things as:

  • how many hours you’ve worked since your last pay until you leave your job
  • how long you have worked for your employer
  • how long your notice period is
  • whether you have any:
    • unused annual holidays or days in lieu
    • lump sum payments (also called extra pay) in your employment agreement.

Unused sick leave or bereavement leave does not legally have to be paid out, but some employers may include it in a final payment.

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What’s taken out of your final pay

Your employer takes income tax and other payments, if eligible, off the total amount of your final pay. These can include:

  • ACC levies
  • child support
  • KiwiSaver
  • student loan repayments — the usual 12% repayment is taken from the total of your final pay before any other deductions or taxes are taken out.

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Unsure about your final pay

If you do not think that your final pay is correct, talk to your employer first.

Talking to your employer — Employment New Zealand

If you cannot resolve the problem, you can contact:

Contact Work and Income early for help

The earlier you contact Work and Income, the better.

You're not working — Work and Income

Help with finding work

Job hunting

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