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If your job is made redundant

Your employer can only make you redundant if your position is no longer needed — they cannot make you redundant because of other reasons. See what your options are for legal help, paying tax and help with other situations related to redundancy.

Proper and fair processes for redundancy

If your employer says they’re making you redundant, they need to follow the proper steps and explain things to you. Employment New Zealand has information about:

If you’re being fired, your employer needs to follow the right processes for dismissals.

Dismissals — Employment New Zealand

Other situations and redundancy

See what the redundancy process is for different situations.

If your employer sells the business

If you’re made redundant because your employer sells the business, they have to go through the right process.

Restructuring when a business is sold or transferred — Employment New Zealand

If you’re pregnant or on parental leave

You cannot be made redundant because you’re pregnant or on parental leave. There are steps that protect you if your job is made redundant while you’re on parental leave.

Protecting your job during pregnancy or parental leave — Employment New Zealand

Legal help

Unions or lawyers

If you belong to a union, you can contact them for help with any issues.

Find your union — New Zealand Council of Trade Unions

You can find lawyers through the New Zealand Law Society. Choose one that has ‘employment’ as their area of practice.

Get legal help — New Zealand Law Society

Free community law centres

Community law centres offer free legal information and advice to people who cannot afford to see a lawyer privately.

If you’re eligible, they may also be able to:

  • offer ongoing legal assistance
  • help you with mediation
  • represent you at the Employment Relations Authority or in court.

Our law centres — Community Law

Contact Work and Income early for help

The earlier you contact Work and Income, the better.

Redundancy support — Work and Income

Check to see what financial help or benefits you might get. You can do this whether you’ve lost your job or you’re worried you might lose your job.

Check what you might get — Ministry of Social Development

Pay tax on redundancy payments

You get taxed on your last pay, which includes your redundancy payment.

Your employer should take the tax from your redundancy payment and pay it to Inland Revenue for you. If they do not, you’ll be responsible for paying that tax yourself.

Check with Inland Revenue what tax you should have paid — you may have paid too much tax or not enough.

Redundancy and income tax — Inland Revenue

Information about your last pay

Your last pay if you’re made redundant

Talk to Inland Revenue — redundancy and other situations

In addition to income tax, Inland Revenue has information to help you with redundancy and:

  • Working for Families Tax Credits
  • KiwiSaver
  • student loans
  • child support.

I am being made redundant — Inland Revenue

Help with finding work

Job hunting

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