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Vehicle licensing and road user charges

To be on the road legally, your car needs to have a current licence. If your vehicle runs on diesel, you'll also have to pay road user charges.

Check with the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) for updates on COVID-19, agents, registrations, and scam alerts.

Vehicle licences

NZers often refer to a vehicle licence as ‘rego’ but licensing is not the same as registration — which is where you’re issued with your number plates.

Vehicle licensing is the fee you pay to use your vehicle on public roads. You have to buy a licence for your vehicle regularly and you must display a current licence label on your windscreen.

Check the NZTA website to find out about:

  • the vehicle licensing process

  • the licensing label

  • what happens if you do not renew the licence for your vehicle.

Licensing your vehicle

Licensing fees

Where to go to license your vehicle over the counter

Renew your vehicle licence (rego) online

Road user charges

If your vehicle runs on diesel instead of petrol, you have to pay road user charges.

What you pay depends on the type of vehicle you have and its weight — most diesel cars, utes and vans need a distance licence. Distance licences are purchased in units of 1000km and need to be displayed on your windscreen.

Check the NZTA website to find out about:

  • who pays

  • how you pay

  • when refunds apply

  • what you need to know before you buy a vehicle.

About road user charges

Vehicle types, weight bands, rates and transaction fees

Exemptions, assessments, distance recorders and record keeping

Pay road user charges online

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