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Alcohol interlocks

An alcohol interlock is an electronic device that prevents you from driving if you’ve been drinking.

Check with the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) for updates on available NZTA and agent services.


Driving offences involving alcohol

If you’re convicted of drink driving, part of your sentence can be to have an alcohol interlock device (similar to a breathalyser) fitted to your car.

How the interlock works

An alcohol interlock is an electronic device that prevents the use of a car if alcohol is detected in your breath sample.

  1. You have to breathe into the alcohol interlock before starting the car.
  2. If alcohol is detected, the car will not start.
  3. You’ll also be required to provide a breath sample at random times when you’re driving.
  4. Each month, you’ll need to take the car to have your data downloaded from the device. If you’re complying with the conditions of the programme, then this period can be increased to every 2 months.
  5. If the car is not taken for a scheduled data download, the interlock device will prevent the car from being started until the installer unlocks it.

The alcohol interlock programme

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